Bleeped on Digital Trends' 'The best new podcasts' List

This review first appeared here on Digital Trends

Why should I listen? It’s definitely worth hearing how far people are willing to go to fight to be heard.

How many episodes are there and how long are they? The first episode is 30 minutes.

Describe it in one word: [Redacted].

Because I’d rather not sing about bitches in ‘raris to our younger relatives niece, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to Kidz Bop-ifiy I Go to the Zoo from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s a show that became quite adept at slipping sly references by network censors and then winking at what it wasn’t allowed to say.

Of course, not everyone has such a chummy relationship with the people telling them what they can’t say. In Bleeped, Matthew Billy (who also hosted podcast Between the Liner Notes) explores these stories. The first episode is about the extraordinary lengths the city of Riviera Beach went through to try and silence Fane Lozman, who was challenging its eminent domain claims. A future episode will explore ag-gag rules, which make it illegal to go undercover to try to expose conditions at factory farms.

Written by Jenny McGrath