About the Show

Bleeped is a documentary podcast about censorship and those who firmly stand up to it. Bleeped takes the unique approach of telling stories about the First Amendment from the perspective of ordinary people. Each episode tells a David and Goliath story of an individual who triumphed over censorship from a powerful organization, showing listeners that if you’ve been wronged, you can fight back and win!

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About the Host

Matthew Billy is an award-winning podcaster who’s been at the forefront of audio entertainment for more than 15 years. He started his career in radio, with positions at SiriusXM and Sony Music. In the early 2010s, Billy recognized the enormous untapped potential of podcasting and became a pioneer in the medium.

Billy’s first indie podcast, “Between the Liner Notes,” won massive critical acclaim: it was the first-ever podcast to win the Newhouse School of Public Communications’ Mirror Award, beating out media giants including The New York Times and CNN. The Atlantic also named “Between the Liner Notes” as #20 in its list of the Best 50 Podcast Episodes of 2015.